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AFTER-MOUSE.COM unveils world first retail application using motion recognition technology on Windows 7/8!

Revolution is on its way! A few weeks ago, Microsoft Kinect™ revolutionized gaming and now it's time to bring this new technology to professionals. AFTER-MOUSE.COM unveils the world's first retail application for Kinect™ for Windows on Windows7, a completely new experience where the user is the controller. No need for a peripheral, no need to touch the screen, distance interactions through movements with the simple use of body and natural gestures allow the user to control the interface. It's magic!

The advantages are numerous. First, it can be used on any kind of device that has the Windows 7/8 operating system: no need for an expensive hardware investment, a regular TV is all you need! Also no direct contact is involved, it can be used from behind a window allowing shopping experiences and brand awareness from the street 24 hours a day! Last but not least it is a complete natural way to interact with an interface allowing anyone, and many users simultaneously, to experience it.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM's first business application dedicated to the retail industry allows clients to search through the company database and consult prices, pictures, videos, brochures and even have a 3D view of products. Clients can compare products and make product selection directly from the interface using the basket function. Detailed user statistics are available measuring key performance indicators and providing information on most viewed products or most used features for example.

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